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Square Picture Frames

Chunky Square Frame, Black
Chunky Square Frame, Black


Square Picture Frame with Raised Border
Square Picture Frame -- Lighthouse Series
Collage Frame with Square Openings
Collage Frames with Square Openings

Square Shadow Box Frames
with Square Openings
Square Picture Frames with Distressed Edges
Square Tuscan Vintage Frame
With Hand-Distressed Edges
Square Picture Frame, 8x8 Frame with Beveled Frame Face
Square Frame with Beveled Frame Face
 Square Barnwood Picture Frame with Dark Alder Inset
Square Picture Frame with
Dark Alder Inset

Square Frame with inner border painted black


Square Picture Frame,
Basic Square Frame, Narrow Width


Rustic Square Picture Frames for the Photography Enthusiast

Square Picture Frames are not always easy to come by, but because we handcraft most of our rustic frames on site, we can be pretty flexible about size. In a day when digital photography makes "experts" out of all of us, it's nice to be able to find a frame that fits the photo, rather than cropping your favorite photo in an unnatural way to make it work with a "standard" size frame. 

Our square frames are increasingly popular, not only because they're a little tougher to find, but also because these square frames are just pleasing to look at. After all, not everything in life fits neatly into landscape or portrait orientation. 

Here are just a few samples from our dozens of available square picture frame styles:

We offer 5x5 frames, 8x8 frames, 10x10 frames and 12x12 frames in dozens of different styles and frame widths. We even offer frames with 4x4 and 6x6 openings. In fact, we can create a square frame with almost any size opening, so after browsing our frame styles, if you can't find what you want, a quick call to our toll free number (888-OLD-BARN) will give you access to a customer service representative who can give you a quote on the frame size of your choice.

Square picture frames also make great wall decor when they are hung together in groups. Attach three 8x8 frames one above another with a piece of colorful ribbon. Choose a great-looking iron curtain rod or picture rod and hang a few rustic 12x12 frames from the rod using old leather belts or pieces of rope. You can even create a desk frame out of a square photo frame by ordering an 8x10 easel back and trimming one inch off from both ends. 

The rustic wood for each square picture frame we build is hand-selected to assure color matching, and when your frame is finished, we add glass and hanging hardware so your frame will arrive ready to hang.