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Western Frames

Western Frames made of Authentic Barn Wood and Distressed Wood

Western Rustic Series: Western Frames Handcrafted From Barn Wood

Barn Wood  Frames -  Medium Width 3
Western Frames
Medium Width, 3" Western Rustic Series

Wide  Western Frame with Barbed Wire
Texas Vaquero Wide Western Frame 3"
With Barbed Wire Overlay
Barn Wood  Frame - Butch Cassidy Western Frame
Butch Cassidy Western Frame 3"
Inner border stained dark

Hobble Creek Series: Western Frames - Barnwood with Knotty Alder Overlay

Rustic Frames - Barnwood With Alder Overlay
Rustic Frames - Barnwood With
Alder Overlay

Rustic Frames - Barnwood With Alder Overlay and Large Tacks
Rustic Frames - Barnwood with Overlay
and Large Tacks

Rustic Frames - Western Frame with Barbed Wire
Rustic Frames - Barnwood with overlay
and barbed wire

Park City Series Western Frames: Barnwood and Alder Frames

Rustic Frames - Barnwood with Metal Corner Brackets
Rustic Frames - Barnwood with
Metal Corner Brackets


Rustic Frames - Barnwood with
Alder Inset

Rustic Frames - Document and Certificate frame 8.5x11

Rustic Document Frame, 8.5 x 11"
Barnwood with Alder Inset

Homestead Series: Basic Western Barnwood Frame

Barnwood Frames, Narrow  Width Homestead Series Frame
Homestead Series, Narrow Width, 1.5"
Homestead Series, Medium Width, 2"
Homestead Series, Wide Width, 3"


Western Frames are a great addition to your rustic western decor, and we have dozens to choose from. Handcrafted from a variety of reclaimed wood and barnwood, each frame is handmade right here in the Great American West. 

Western Rustic Frames: O ur Western Rustic Style frames are a unique design that features a wide barnwood frame with a raised inner border. These frames are available in several standard sizes, and we can also create custom sizes.

Wide Western Frames: This frame style is crafted from 2x4 fencing timbers, so it is one of our most robust reclaimed wood frames. The inner edge is stained light walnut, and we attach a border of rusted barbed wire. This is a great frame for your ranch house, your western-themed restaurant, or as a gift for someone who loves the Wild West. It is available in several standard sizes.

Butch Cassidy Western Frames: This unique western frame is a favorite for western and black and white prints. The black-stained frame face is built from rustic reclaimed wood, and has a natural barnwood border. The dark wood makes this frame perfect for a variety of presentations--everything from sepia-toned prints to old newspapers and magazines. And the rustic barnwood border gives it a decidedly old-time look, great for old-fashioned photographs or vintage family portraits.

Hobble Creek Western Frames: Our Hobble Creek Series of Wild West frames are a favorite with our customers. Each features a walnut-stained alder overlay strip on top of a natural barn wood frame. You can also order this frame with some unique embellishments, including antique-looking upholstery tacks and barbed wire. This frame is available in custom sizes.

Park City Series Western Frames: We've designed the Park City Frame as a unique method for landscape art and photography. The dark walnut-stained inner border provides adds the color separation of matting without a matte. The neutral browns and tans in this rustic frame make it a great option for a variety of photos and art.

Homestead Series Barnwood Frames: If you are looking for the perfect frame for your western art, this frame is  pretty close to perfect. We handcraft rustic reclaimed wood into beautiful barnwood frames in three different widths so you can choose your favorite.

Each of our western frames is unique, and while you may find imitations, you won't find better quality, craftsmanship or design. For custom-size western frames, call us toll free at 888-OLD-BARN.