Vintage Adirondack Mirror

$166.00 - $196.00
. Ships in 1-2 weeks.

Vintage Adriondack Mirror

Fishing enthusiasts will lovet his folk art mirror featuring a trout and lures and a patterened field painted onto a mirror frame.  This mirror is designed with Suzanne Nicoll artwork that is printed directly onto distressed wood panels. We use wood with imperfections and knots that we print directly onto. The knots and imperfections provides a real vintage look and feel. Not two signs are the alike. These signs are not "the originals" but appear to be because of the special wood and printing process we use. The mirror itself will be 14"x18" or 15"x20".  Ships from the manufacturer.

  • Measures 24"x22" or 28"x26"
  • Printed onto distressed wood panels
  • Ships in 2-3 weeks
Vintage Camp Blanket Mirror

Vintage Camp Blanket Mirror


Acorns On Branch Cabinet Hardware Knob

$16.99 - $17.99

A True Love Story Never Ends - Framed Quote


A Pirate's Life For Me Decorative Rustic Print in Distressed Wood Frame

Was: $59.99
Now: $54.99

A Mothers Heart Is a Special Place - Framed Quote

Western black and white photo with a little child by grandpa's knees - David Stoecklein Print

Afternoon With Grandpa - Framed Western Art Print - David Stoecklein

A Child's Life Is Like A Piece Of Paper

A Child's Life Is Like A Piece Of Paper - Framed Quote


Alpine Wool Blend

$89.95 - $131.99

9x12 Western Picture Frame, 3 inch Wide, Butch Cassidy Frame

$47.95 - $60.95

9x12 Western Picture Frames - Western Rustic Narrow Width 2.25 inch

$33.95 - $46.95