Leaf Medallion Copper Slate Coaster Set

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Each Coaster Measures 3.75" L x 3.75" W x 0.30" T
Product Includes:
Metal Coaster Holder

Hand-sanded and etched carving of a leaf on a natural copper slate coaster. Enjoy four all-natural coasters with your choice of matching metal holders. Copper Slate has rich, warm colors and lots of natural character. We've added rubberized feet to each to prevent furniture scratches. Timeless designs will add charm to your rustic decor.

Leaf #4 Cabinet Hardware Knob

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Leaf-shaped Metal Candle Holder

Three moose standing safely in a lake while a roaring forest fire rages behind them

Legacy - Framed Wildlife Art - Jim Tschetter


Leopard Cabinet Hardware Knob

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Learn to Sail Vintage Advertisement Sign

Learn to Sail Vintage Advertisement Sign

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Leaf 2 Aspen Medallion Coaster Set - Buff Slate


Leaf 4 Oak Medallion Coaster Set - Buff Slate


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Life is Tough, But it's Tougher if You're Stupid - John Wayne Framed Quote