Life is a BeYoutiful Adventure - Art Print in Rustic Wood Frame, 14x23

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Exterior Dimensions:
23.5W x 14.5H x 1D Inches
Frame Style:
Natural Reclaimed Barnwood
Print Dimension:
18 W x 9 H
Product Includes:
Print, Acrylic Glass, Frame, Hanging Hardware, Cardboard Backing
Mollie B. Art

Life is a BeYOUtiful Adventure Framed Print by Mollie B. This rectangular print features delightful lettering and a colorful pennant banner. Inner face of the reclaimed wood frame is painted in a turquoise wash with an unpainted, natural barnwood border around the outside edge of the frame. You'll smile every time you wake up to this happy thought--life is indeed beYOUtiful.

Life Isn't About Waiting for Storm to Pass It's About Learning To Dance In The Rain - Quote


Life is Tough, But it's Tougher if You're Stupid - John Wayne Framed Quote


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