Metal And Wood Wall Clock with Gloss Finish

MSRP: $155.94
(You save $38.98 )

Showcase the time in style and let your timepiece serve as a focal piece with White & Black Metal Wall Clock. This large, round wall clock features a bright white, shiny metal background with embossed hour numbers and minute markings. The raised pieces are painted in black for bold contrast and the clock plate is set in a wooden frame that is lightly white-washed for a rustic touch. Hang it on the wall of your office, study, modern living room, and more to brighten the space and easily tell the time of day. | Item Size: 2 x 25 x 25 |Feature Details: Gloss Finish; Solid Wood Frame; Black Clock Hands; Embossed Numbers And Detail; Glass Face | Care Instructions: Glass Face | Color: Black/White | 34% Glass 33% Mtl 33% Wood | Assembly Required: NO | Wall Hanger Type: 1 Keyhole Hanger