Rustic Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture

Our rustic dining room furniture line represents a group of suberbly-crafted dining tables, chairs, and hutches. With high-quality "Made in America" craftsmanship for the majority of our inventory, we are able to offer a variety of styles, textures, and even colors. 

Sub Categories of Rustic Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture

While manufacturers vary in their production processes, we take extra care to make sure we only offer product from America's most reliable rustic furniture manufacturers. You'll find log dining tables with solid wood tops with three coats of water-based polyacrylic to protect the table surface against years of use. Joinery uses building techniques such as mortise and tenon joints.

Reclaimed wood tables, also increasing in popularity, carefully sourced as well. Choose from an authentic Amish Country farm table featuring wood reclaimed from century-old barns, or a barnwood table built from aged wood fencing materials. Either option gives you access to unique designs and craftsmanship that will withstand the test of time, not to mention long evenings of Monopoly games, birthday parties for the grandchildren, and cozy barbecue chuck wagon feasts. Make your kitchen a favorite gathering place by providing guests with a truly comfortable place to relax, eat, and reminisce. You'll never regret making an investment in your rustic dining room, since it will become the hub of good conversation, improved relationships, and happy memories.

When you are shopping for rustic furniture, there are a couple of important issues to keep in mind. First, because the wood for your table is native to one climate but might be shipping to another climate, you'll want to pay close attention to the manufacturer's processes. Kiln-dried wood is important since it ensures appropriate moisture content in the wood top. Moisture content that is too high will cause the tabletop to warp, so kiln-drying helps protect the integrity of your table. As with any rustic furniture, particularly log furniture, "checking" (long cracks in the wood structure) are a natural and normal process and don't affect the structural integrity of the furniture piece.