Screech Owl Joy Box Birdhouse

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9-1/2" x 13" x 21"
Opening Size:
3 Inch Hole
Product Includes:
Headed Ring Shank Stainless Steel Nails, Twist-Latch, Slide-front Panel (Inverts for Winter Roosting)

Birdhouse - Screech Owl Joy Box 

This beautiful birdhouse is the perfect addition to any home or garden of your choice. Season after season, this delightful nesting box is a joy to behold and a breeze to maintain thanks to the easy twist latch and side-front panel that also inverts for winter roosting. Rugged construction features 13/16" solid cypress and headed ring shank stainless steel nails. This bird house is one you are sure to enjoy in the years to come. Also sized for all variety of residents.

  • 9-1/2"x13"x21"
  • 3" hole
  • Handcrafted in USA from renewable, FSC certified wood
  • Made available to U.S. residents only
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