Vintage Railroad Signs - Nashua Racer

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15" x 26" x 1"
Product Includes:
Keyhole Hanger

Vintage Railroad Signs for the Railroad Enthusiast--Nashua Racer

This replica sign is crafted to resemble the vintage railroad advertisement signs from the steam engine days. Each nostalgic train sign is painted directly onto distressed wood panels, creating a replica that looks like a hand-painted antique. Customize the wording on your sign by entering the desired text into the boxes.  Change the destinations or the name of the engine!

This sign is available in three sizes and features text that is reminiscent of an old-time railroad advertisement: "Nashua Racer, Special Express Trains, The Finest Passenger Train in the East."

  • Measures 15"x26", 20"x32", or 25"x40"
  • Printed on distressed wood panels
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery