11x14 Laramie Style Rustic Barnwood Frame

$92.95 - $110.95
Ships in 3-5 Business Days

Western frames are our specialty, and if you are looking for a barnwood picture frame with extra character and an extra large dose of wild west, this cowboy frame may be the perfect solution. This frame is crafted with a heavy-duty reclaimed barn wood frame with distressed wood overlay and barbed wire to give the frame extra texture and character. With an extra-wide frame face, this creates an imposing piece of artwork for even smaller photos or art pieces.

11x14 western frames

11x14 Texas Vaquero Western Frame - Barbed Wire

$82.95 - $96.95

11x14 Cowboy Picture Frame, 3 inch Wide, Western Rustic Series

$49.95 - $63.95
Durango Rustic Barnwood Picture Frame, 8x10

Durango Rustic Barnwood Picture Frame, 8x10 Opening Western Aged Wood Frame


11x14 Rustic Frames, Narrow Width 2 inch Lighthouse Series

$38.95 - $52.95
11x14 Rustic Picture Frame

11x14 Rustic Picture Frame, Medium Width 2.75 inch Lighthouse Series

$49.95 - $63.95

11x14 Barnwood Picture Frame- Lighthouse Whitewash

$52.95 - $66.95
Teal or Robin Egg Blue barnwood picture frame - 11x14

11x14 Barnwood Picture Frame - Lighthouse Robin Egg Blue Rustic Wood Frame

$52.95 - $66.95
11x14 Barn Wood Frames

11x14 Barn Wood Frames, Wide Width 3 inch Homestead Series

$44.95 - $63.69

10x10 Rustic Barnwood Picture Frame, 2.75 Inch Lighthouse Series

$39.95 - $42.95
11x14 cabin frames

Durango Rustic Barnwood Picture Frame, 11x14 Opening Western Aged Wood Frame