16x20 Laramie Style Rustic Barnwood Frame

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A rustic 16x20 barnwood picture frame with a unique frame inside of frame look. The Laramie style also includes barbed wire accents. Color and texture of your frame may vary slightly from the frame pictured here.


Barnwood Picture Frame, Wide Width Reclaimed Wood Frame

16x20 Rustic Barnwood Picture Frames, 3 inch Wide, Homestead Series

$62.95 - $112.87

16x20 Western Picture Frame - Western Rustic Narrow Width 2.25 inch

$61.95 - $88.95
16x20 Rustic Barnwood Frame

Durango Rustic Barnwood Picture Frame, 16x20 Opening Western Aged Wood Frame

$149.95 - $175.95
16x20 rustic wood picture frames

16x20, Rustic Wood Frame, Medium Width 2.5 inch Aspen Series

$96.95 - $122.35
Whitewash Barnwood Frame - 16x20

16x20 Barnwood Picture Frame- Lighthouse Whitewash

$91.95 - $117.95
18x24 Barnwood Picture Frame

Durango Rustic Barnwood Picture Frame, 18x24 Opening Western Aged Wood Frame

$174.95 - $204.95

16x20 Western Frame, Medium Width 3 inch Western Rustic Series

$78.95 - $95.95
16x20 barnwood frame

16x20 Barnwood Frame, Medium Width 2.75 inch Lighthouse Series

$69.95 - $95.95
11x14 western frames

11x14 Texas Vaquero Western Frame - Barbed Wire

$82.95 - $96.95
Barnwood Picture Frame - Homestead 2" wide Reclaimed Wood Frame

16x20 Barnwood Picture Frame, Homestead Narrow 1.5 Inch Flat Rustic Reclaimed Wood Frame

$49.95 - $59.95