Beachcomber Reclaimed Wood Frame 11x14

$83.99 - $91.99
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Beachcomber Reclaimed Wood Frame 11x14

This Beachcomber frame is a nod to treasures found, just like those souvenirs you find at the beach.  We salvage strips of wood in many different shades, widths and textures then combine them all into a beautiful frame that is a piece of rustic wall art on its own.  This frame is available in all natural wood that is assembled in a random order.  Or you can choose a frame that includes red and white strips.  You add a treasured photo or painting to complete the statement.  This is a unique way to display so many different things.  It’s sure to be a favorite piece in your home or office!

·         Includes glass, backing and hanging hardware

·         Frame is approximately 4 ¾ inches wide

·         Opening size 11x14

·         Handcrafted in the USA