10x10 Barn Wood Frames, Wide Width 3 inch Homestead Series

$37.95 - $53.95
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Barn Wood Frames - Square Barnwood Frame, 10x10

Beautiful rustic picture frames with subtle colors and natural wood texture. This western-style picture frame is great for the cowboy, but due to its neutral design, it works well in urban rustic and coastal decors as well. A reclaimed wood frame that focuses on simplicity and beauty. Recycled wood makes it eco-friendly too. This country frame is the perfect thing to add some rustic charm to your home or office. Made from authentic reclaimed wood, each board is carefully selected then pieced together by hand to create just the frame you need. The lines, colors, and textures of each frame showcase what Mother Nature is able to do. All barnwood frames come to you unfinished and in their natural state, ready to showcase whatever you want to put inside. This frame has a 10x10 inch photo opening, 3 inch frame, and approximate external dimensions of 16x16 inches. Your frame comes with glass and hanging hardware to display your art either vertically or horizontally. Get ready to frame that beautiful sunset or the moment you were most proud of your loved one because this frame is going to capture that moment in a way nothing else will.

  • Each of our barnwood frames is handcrafted from reclaimed wood.
  • 10x10 picture opening
  • Finished exterior dimensions approximately 16x16
  • Frame width is 3 inches
  • Includes glass, backing and hanging hardware
  • 3x8 inch rabbet
  • Hangs horizontally or vertically
  • Model: HS10x10WW
  • Shipping Weight: 4.5lbs
  • Category: Homestead 3" Barnwood Frame

The most unique feature of these distinctive barn wood frames is the extra wide frame width.  With three full inches of wood frame surrounding your subject, you won't even need a matte to make your photos and artwork look great.

Please Note:  Your frame will vary slightly in color or texture from the one pictured here.

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