11x17 Rustic Wood Picture Frames, 2 inch Wide, Homestead Series

$41.95 - $62.95
Ships in 3-4 Business Days

Reclaimed wood frames built to stand the test of time

Holds one 11x17 photo. Authentic barnwood frame built from salvaged lumber. Beautiful aged wood texture and natural colors. 

  • Each frame is handcrafted from authentic barnwood
  • 11X17 picture opening
  • Exterior dimensions approximately 15x21
  • Frame molding is 2 inches wide
  • Glass, backing and hanging hardware are included
  • Hangs horizontally or vertically.
  • 3/8 inch rabbet depth

Please Note:  Due to the nature of barnwood, your frame may vary slightly in color and texture from the one pictured here. Photo is for display purposes only and is NOT included.

These 11x17 inch rustic reclaimed wood picture frames are made from authentic reclaimed barnwood and are ready to help your artwork stand out. Each barnwod frame brings its own textures and tones to the table, framing your work in something one of a kind. The rustic feel of these wooden photo frames compliments any form of nature or wilderness photography. They work equally well with wedding photos or keepsake black and white photographs. Each frame has an 11x17 inch photo opening, 2 inch wide frame, and external dimensions of 15x21. Frames come with all hanging hardware to display horizontally or vertically. Made in the USA, these frames are ready to help you remember both your special moments or pieces of artwork and the land we came from.

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