12x12 to 17x17 Acrylic Floating Frame

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12x12 to 17x17 Acrylic Floating Frame


Highest quality Premium Acrylic frames. Best Hardware. Hardware is included, and comes in your color choice of:


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Mounting instructions:

Tools needed
Level or measuring tape
Phillips screwdriver

STEP 1: Use your acrylic as a template to mark your drilling holes against the wall. Use a level to square it up to the desired location.

Pro Tip- For small, lighter weight frames you may opt to drill only the top two bolts to the wall.
For medium to large frames drill directly into studs or use heavy duty wall anchors.

STEP 2: Using a screwdriver and screwdriver drill, secure the base portion of your bolt to the wall; repeat with all bolt.

STEP 3: Prepare your artwork by placing it in the desired location on one of the acrylic pieces. For mounting your artwork, we recommend rubber cement, double sided tape or glue dots. Place the second acrylic piece over the top and align the mounting holes.

STEP 4: Using a plastic washer and the cap piece of your bolt, put it through both the acrylic panels and screw it into place in the base of the bolt.

PRO TIP: You should have a plastic washer on either side of your acrylic to prevent bolts from touching the acrylic. Do not over tighten the bolt caps which can cause gaps in the acrylic.

Cleaning your frame- wipe clean with a damp cloth. DO NOT USE WINDEX OR OTHER GLASS CLEANER.