12x16 Western Frames, Medium Width 2 inch Homestead Series

$41.95 - $62.40
Ships in 3-4 Business Days

Rustic picture frames handcrafted from authentic western reclaimed wood.

This reclaimed barnwood picture frame has a 12x16 inch opening to accommodate your favorite photo or print. Recycled primitive wood with beautiful colors and textures.

  • Each frame is handcrafted from authentic barnwood
  • 12x16 picture opening
  • Exterior dimensions approximately 16x20
  • Frame width is 2 inches
  • Glass, backing and hanging hardware are included
  • Hangs horizontally or vertically.
  • Model: HS12x16MW
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs
  • Category: Homestead 2" Barnwood Frame

These 12x16 inch western barnwood frames are actually produced in the wild west! Handmade in the United States from authentic reclaimed barnwood, these reclaimed wood picture frames have personality and will add flair to anything you choose to frame. With the knots and patterns nature created and the texture given to them through years of wind, rain, and sun exposure, the wood of each frame is carefully selected to create a little slice of country. Whether you want to frame a picture of you at your last rodeo, a picture of your grandpa’s barn, or your favorite Butch Cassidy quote, this barnwood frame will be perfect for the job. Each frame has a 12x16 inch photo opening, 2 inch wide frame, and exterior dimensions of 16x20. Hangs horizontally or vertically. 

Please Note: Photos are NOT included. Due to the nature of barnwood, your frame may have slightly different texture or colors from the one listed here. Holes and knots in the wood are normal. 

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