12x18 Barn Wood Picture Frames, Narrow Width 2 inch Lighthouse Series

$44.95 - $59.95
Ships in 3-4 Business Days

Barn Wood Picture Frames

Barn wood picture frames have a unique appeal for those whose decorating tastes lean toward rustic, western, country or nautical. Our Lighthouse Frame Series is a favorite with rustic decor lovers. These beautiful handcrafted barn wood frames are reminiscent of coastal lighthouses--the salt-sprayed beacons of the Atlantic and Pacific.  They are a beautiful addition to any beach decor.  Our nautical decor enthusiasts love the straight lines of our Lighthouse frames, but they double as frames for a country kitchen, a rustic cabin, or a woodsy ski lodge. 

  • Frame is crafted from authentic barn wood
  • One 12x18 inch photo opening
  • Finished product approximately 16x22
  • Frame width:  2 inches
  • Choose glass, no glass, or plexiglas
  • Backing and hanging hardware are included.

The total width for this frame is approximately 2 inches, which includes a 1.5" frame face and a 1/2 inch exterior casing. Frame widths vary slightly due to variances in the widths of the barnwood planks we use to build them.

We love everything about this frame.  Its simple yet sophisticated lines make a great border for everything from a portrait of a newlywed couple on the beach to a shadowbox for a small collection of shells.  And the beautiful textures of the rustic wood in these picture frames make them a beautiful wall hanging for any room where "green" is in.

Please Note: Photo is for display purposes only and is not included. Your barn wood picture frame may vary in color or texture from the one pictured here.

  • Model: LS12x18NW
  • Shipping Weight: 7.5lbs
  • Dimensions: Exterior dimensions approximately 16x22 inches
  • Opening Size: Holds one 12x18 inch image
  • Color: Natural aged barnwood (may vary slightly from image shown)
  • Product Includes: Cardboard backing, hanging hardware
  • Materials Used: Natural reclaimed wood
  • Made in: USA
  • Ships in: 3-5 Business Days
  • Ships Via: FedEx
  • Category: Lighthouse 2" Barnwood Picture Frame
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