16x24 Western Picture Frame - Western Rustic Narrow Width 2.25 inch

$57.95 - $85.95
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Western Picture Frame - 16x24 Reclaimed Wood

While it isn't practical to dismantle the weathered barn and bring it indoors, you can still enjoy the look of thei beautiful weathered wood with a cowboy frame handcrafted right here in the American West. Each of our western rustic frames cases a ¾ inch plank edge inside a 1-½ inch barwood frame. This frame-inside-frame look lends itself especially well to cowboys, ranches, and other western subject matter.  We offer the frame in three widths. 

Here’s the perfect western picture frame for a herd of wild mustangs in the redrock desert, a photo of your son's first pony, or a painting of a stand of Chapparal. The unique casing also makes a cowboy frame a great choice if you want to leave the glass out and create a shadowbox frame for a pair of antique spurs, a poster of your favorite national park, of a few shards of Native American pottery. We offer western picture frames in several widths, and you can even find a few with western embellishments like barbed wire and iron. This is authentic western rustic decor at its best.

16x20 Barn Wood Picture Frame

16x24 Barn Wood Picture Frames, 2 inch Wide, Lighthouse Series

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16x20 Western Picture Frame - Western Rustic Narrow Width 2.25 inch

$61.95 - $88.95

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