18x24 Barnwood Picture Frame - Lighthouse Robin Egg Blue Rustic Wood Frame

$105.95 - $135.95
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Large Picture Frame, 18x24 Aqua Blue 

Beautiful barnwood picture frames are designed to help set your photographs apart.  The use of color in this blue picture frame helps to bring out the focus of individual colors in the photograph as well as add a softer feel to the frame itself.  With classic lines and the painted edge this frame will give you the look of a matted photo without the expense.  Using wood or reclaimed wood for added character this frame is perfect for displaying your favorite western artwork or used to frame the perfect sunset.  Each frame is handcrafted in the USA using quality woods to capture the natural element in your framing and décor.

Frame width is 2.5" plus about .5" raised edge. Overall frame width is approximate 3" (the outside raised edge width can vary)

Exterior dimension approximately 24x30


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