20x24 Rustic Barnwood Picture Frames, 3 inch Wide, Homestead Series

$93.95 - $129.95
Ships in 3-4 Business Days

Rustic Barnwood Picture Frames - 20x24

Our Rustic Barnwood Picture Frames are a unique and eco-friendly way to showcase your favorite artwork and photos. Create your own gallery of beautiful rustic portraits or a display of authentic western memorabilia. Our Homestead Series frames offer simplicity and exquisite detail all at once. Each rustic frame is handcrafted from authentic weather distressed barn wood with its own textures and colors. Because every piece of reclaimed wood is different your frame is sure to be unique and one-of-a-kind. Please keep in mind this means your frame will not look exactly like the one shown above. Your frame has a 20x24 picture opening, a frame width of 3 inches, and the exterior dimensions measure approximately 26x30 inches total. Choose no glass, or Plexiglas. Backing and hanging hardware are included. Our rustic reclaimed wood frames are so versatile you can border almost anything so don’t limit yourself to just cowboy boots (although those look great in this frame).

  • Opening Accommodates one 20x24" photo 
  • Exterior Dimensions: Approximately 26x30 inches
  • Color: Natural Barnwood
  • Materials Used: Rustic reclaimed wood
  • Made in: USA
  • Usually Ships in: 3-5 Business Days
  • Includes hanging hardware, and can hang horizontally or vertically

The most unique feature of our Homestead Series frame is the extra wide frame width.  With three full inches of barn wood frame surrounding your subject, you won't even need a matte to make your photos and artwork look great. We offer several frames with extra wide widths.

Beyond the obvious ecological benefits of using reclaimed wood for your art and photos, rustic barnwood picture frames are gaining popularity because natural materials simply make the best frames for natural subjects.  This beautiful rustic photo frame, with its simple lines and no-nonsense design is a stylish addition to any room that emphasizes western, nautical, country or natural decor. Barnwood is neutral enough to "fit" with many decor styles.

Please Note:  Your rustic frame will vary slightly in color or texture from the one pictured here. Photo is not included.

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