20x24 Western Picture Frames, 3 inch Wide, Butch Cassidy Frame

$110.95 - $140.95
Ships in 3-4 Business Days

Western picture frames are a distinctive class of frame, and the Butch Cassidy frame is no exception.  This rugged barnwood frame has a hefty three-inch frame width (2.5 inch frame surrounded by a 3/4 inch cap or casing). That generous frame size assures that the rustic colors of the natural wood frame actually become part of the artwork. 

  • Frame is crafted from authentic barnwood
  • One 20x24 (24x20) photo or artwork opening
  • Frame width: 3 inches (2 1/2 inch black-stained frame face with a 1/2 inch barnwood border)
  • Includes backing and hanging hardware
  • Ships without glass or you can add plexiglass

This western picture frame is a great choice for any art subject that includes movement--an oil painting of mounted Cherokee warriors, or a galloping mustang, for example.  And like any classic cowboy frame, its neutral colors make it a great border for everything from an American flag to a black and white print of father and son dressed in chaps and cowboy hats.

In spite of its decidedly western rustic styling, the Butch Cassidy frame is versatile enough to cross cultures.  Use it in a nautical-themed bathroom, or pair it with two or three of our smaller-width frames for a beautiful wall display.   We handcraft several styles of western picture frames, mirrors and rustic gift items.


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