20x30 Rustic Wood Frame - Myrtle Beach Series

$114.95 - $149.95
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Rustic Wood Frames-20x30 Alder Wood & Barnwood Frame - Myrtle Beach Series

These beautiful rustic frames are a customer favorite. Handcrafted from 2" knotty alder wood stained a dark walnut color and accented with a 1/2 inch barnwood inset, our Myrtle Beach frame series is a true classic. One of our most versatile frames because of its neutral colors, this frame is the perfect gift. Each 20x30 picture frame will accommodate one 20x30 inch photo or print and can be hung horizontally or vertically. Backing is included and is secured with flexible push points so inserting your own photos is simple. We craft each of our rustic wood frames to withstand generations of use. Corners are glued and secured with a screw so they won’t separate. These are not mass-produced in China. These beautiful frames are handcrafted one at a time right here in the USA.

Product Specifications: 

  • Accommodates one 20x30 picture
  • Exterior dimensions approximately 25x35
  • Includes hanging hardware
  • Can be hung horizontally or vertically
  • Choose plexiglass or no glass
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