8x12, Barn Wood Frame, Medium Width 2.5 inch Aspen Series

$47.95 - $63.95
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Barnwood Picture Frame - 8x12 with Beveled Frame Face

This barnwood picture frame is handcrafted from authentic reclaimed wood and is the perfect framing medium for almost any photograph.  Built from 2-1/2 inch wide barnwood planks, this beautiful rustic photo frame has beveled edges that slope upward and away from the framed subject. It's a little bit more sophisticated than a flat edge barnwood picture frame, so it lends itself well to less-rustic settings. If you like the look of aged rustic wood, but don't necessarily want your frame to look "western," this is a good frame choice.

One of our most stylish frames, our Aspen Series barnwood picture frame has elegant lines that almost make you forget it is handcrafted from a material as unassuming as rustic barnwood.  It makes the perfect natural border for everything from photos of electric-blue wildflowers to an oil-painted still life or rich red apples.  This beautiful wood frame would be equally at home in a rustic hunting lodge or in one of the swanky galleries you'll find at your favorite ski resort. 

We include glass, backing and mounting hardware with your purchase. Because colors and textures of barnwood vary, your frame may be a different shade than the one pictured here.

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