8x12 Barnwood Picture Frame - Lighthouse Robin Egg Blue Rustic Wood Frame

$43.95 - $56.95
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14x18 Inches
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Sawtooth Hanging Hardware

Aqua Wash Rustic Picture Frame

This unique 8x12 size barnwood picture frame pairs natural rustic wood with a trendy teal blue wash to give you a blue picture frame with lots of personality. The outside raised edge retains the natural colors of the reclaimed wood while the inside edge is painted, giving you the feel of a matted photograph without the expense of a mat. Handcrafted in the USA from a combination of natural and reclaimed woods, this frame is eco-friendly and priced competitively. Custom sizes are available. Call 888-653-2276 for more details.

Frame width is 2.5" plus about .5" raised edge. Overall frame width is approximate 3" (the outside raised edge width can vary)

Exterior dimension approximately 14x18

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