Aluminum Z bar Hanger

$19.95 - $78.95

Z Bar Hanger

  • Z Bar Hanger for large Mirrors and Large Picture frames.  Adds extra strength when hanging heavy or large mirrors or frames on the wall.   
  • We highly recommend trying to get the screws into studs in the wall as many times as possible, and use drywall anchors in places where studs are not found.  
  • Price is per pair. 
  • The Z Bar Hanger is a simple hanging system. Two bracket assembly that locks together. One bracket is secured on the wall while the other bracket is secured on the object to be hung. The Z Hanger, also known as a z bar , zbar or Ez bar, is simple, fast and cost effective. Excellent for Hanging large picture frames and Mirrors. 
  • Holds up to 300 LBS

*Disclaimer: My Barnwood Frames does not attach the Zbar to your frame or mirror, but it will be shipped along with your purchase. Please plan ahead if you need help with installing your Z bar or hanging your large picture frame or mirror.