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Price per square foot:
Wood Tones:
Assortment of natural colors of reclaimed barn wood. These beautiful weathered barnwood boards are 3" wide and have been prepared with interlocking shiplap slots for easy wall installation. We can also customize colors or tones to fit your project.


Barnwood accent walls are a great way to add visual appeal to any room.   My Barnwood Frames makes it easy for you to transform your wall with prepared, ready to be installed, weathered barnwood.  100% authentic reclaimed barnwood.  

How are the boards prepared?

We select the most beautiful assortment of 3” wide weathered barnwood, and clean it from all nails, staples and any other unwanted items. We then plane all the boards to a consistent 1/2-inch depth. Next, we make shiplap slots into the top and bottom of the boards; this allows the horizontal wooden panels to interlock into each other; slotting them into place almost like a jigsaw. We then cut the boards to an assortment of lengths of: (36”, 24”, 18” 6”). Lastly, we take a variety of boards in different tones and textures and package them to be shipped directly to your door.


Can I request what tones, accent colors and textures I receive?

Yes, of course. Just leave us a note in the comment box above on how you would like us to customize your order, and we will make it happen. If the comment box is left blank, our Shop Foreman will carefully select from variety of naturally weathered barnwood.


How do I determine how much to order?

Simply measure your wall (in inches), and use the following formula:

Width (inches) X Height (inches) / 144 = Square feet.

Make sure to add an additional 10% more to ensure you have enough. For example, if I have a wall that is 95 Inches by 90 inches; I would take 95x90= 8,550 then divide by 144 = 59.38 square feet. I would then add 10% more to make sure I have enough, and order 65 square feet.



Shipping is FREE for any order over $99. Your wood is prepared and typically shipped within a 3-7 business days. We offer free no hassle returns within 30 days if the wood has not been previously installed on the wall or tampered with.


Still have questions; feel free to contact us at:

*Disclaimer - this is "real" reclaimed barn wood, and as such each board is unique and different with imprections, nail holes, and colors. These imperfections give it more charm; no two boards are the same.  This is not the fake stuff you may see at a hardware store; this is 100% authentic.  Sourced from cowboy country right here in United States.  Bring the charm of the old west to your home today.