Barnwood Collage frames

Barnwood Collage frames

Posted by Jodi Petersen on May 24th 2019

Before I knew it my son graduated high school this week. As I look through my photos I realize these precious years need to be displayed so I can remember how quickly time flies while raising children. Our Barnwood Collage Frames are perfect way to show high school photos! 

You don't need a high school graduate to make use of these awesome collage frames. These are great for;

  • Children's school pictures
  • Grandchildren
  • Bridal pictures
  • Family pictures
  • Garden
  • Animals
  • Scenic 

I am sure I could go on and on with suggestions, but you get the idea. Anything you want to frame will look great in these! 

We have our Barnwood wood collage frames in several different sizes ranging from 2 openings to 5+. Of course these too can be custom made to fit your needs. 

 2 opening Barnwood Collage Frame

These are the standard sizes that we have in all the collage frames 

  • 4 x6
  • 5 x7 
  • 8 x10

3 opening Barnwood Collage Frame

If you are looking for a different style of 3 opening collage frames we have these great options as well. The one on the right is all Landscape and the one on the left is Landscape, Portrait, Landscape. We also have a Portait, Landscape, Portrait (not picutured)


I just love the options with these frames. You can add each child in a frame or have one collage frame for each child showing those precious memories. We also have a great window pane mirror 4 opening as well.

4 opening Barnwood Collage Frame

These can be hung horizontally or vertically. Either way they look beautiful. 

5 opening Barnwood Collage Frame


We also have a few 6+ Collage frames available for all those children in your life! I love that you can showcase your favorite stages of development within one frame. The rate that kids grow is shocking. When you can look back at those stages, you are flooded with memories. - 6 + OPENING MULTI. 

Who wouldn't love to sit on the couch after attending high school graduation and see hanging on the wall multiple pictures of your child's life thus far? Not to mention where the new photos will go once they start their own families!

Life is too short! Treat Yo Self, display those memories that bring JOY!  Treat Yo Self with Memorial20 coupon code for 20% off NOW!

*Prices will vary on custom orders.