Double Take Triple, Manuel Mansanarez Wildlife Art Framed Set

Ships in 2 weeks
Product Includes:
Glass, Backing, Matting, Hanging Hardware

Double Take Triple

When nature can be such a focal point of an art piece it will take your breath away. This combination of wildlife art and beautiful natural surroundings will do just that. "Double Take Triple" combines the beauty of nature in many different seasons with the added focal point of a variety of wildlife. Including the long horn, the deer, and the elk set among the majesty of mountain vistas this is a great piece for a western art collector or anyone who simply enjoys the beauty of nature.

  • Dimensions: Glass and Matting measure 10x20 inches; Exterior Frame dimensions approximately 16x26 inches
  • Handsomely matted and framed
  • Hardware for hanging is pre-installed
  • Treated with a protective coat of acid-free sealant
  • Artist: Manuel Mansanarez; Allow 2 weeks for shipping
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