Huntin' Cuttin' And Cuffin', Clark Kelley Price Western Art

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Product Includes:
Glass, Backing, Matting, Hanging Hardware

Huntin' Cuttin' And Cuffin'

Western life is clearly seen in this fantastic triple piece of Western Art called "Huntin' Cuttin' and Cuffin' Triple." A three-painting set by artist, Clark Kelley Price depicting images of various activities that were part of everyday life in the west. You'll see a cowboy and his horse as they head home from the hunt, cutting a steer from the herd during roundup, and the "arrest" of a thief. With a backdrop of some beautiful landscapes and mountain scenes this western artwork shows fine detail with vivid colors and lighting. It is truly a great western painting.

  • Dimensions: Glass and Matting 10x20; Exterior frame dimensions approximately 16x26 inches.
  • Glass and double mats included
  • Treated with an acid-free sealant to protect from fading
  • Hanging system pre-installed
  • Artist: Clark Kelley Price; Allow 2 weeks for shipping

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