11x14 Barn Wood Frames, Wide Width 3 inch Homestead Series

$44.95 - $63.69
Ships in 3-4 Business Days

Barn Wood Frames - 11x14

This natural reclaimed board frame is perfect for spicing up your home or office and can give a nice country feel to any location. Pictures of cowboys and rodeos are right at home here, but so are sophisticated portraits and paintings. Even wedding photographs take on a nice charm when framed in one of our barnwood frames. Each frame is handcrafted from authentic reclaimed wood here in the United States and comes with its own unique colors to compliment any color palette. This frame has an 11x114 inch photo opening, 3 inch wide frame, and approximate external dimensions of 17x20 inches. Because each reclaimed barnwood frame is simple in design they are extremely versatile and go well with western, coastal, or contemporary décor settings. Made in the USA this frame ships to you with all hanging hardware included to hang horizontally or vertically.

  • Opening Accommodates one 11x14 photo
  • Exterior Dimensions: Approximately 17x20 inches
  • Color: Natural Barnwood
  • Materials Used: Rustic reclaimed wood
  • Made in: USA
  • Usually Ships in: 3-5 Business Days
  • Includes hanging hardware, and can hang horizontally or vertically
  • Glass, backing, and sawtooth hanger are included


This beautiful rustic photo frame, with its simple lines and no-nonsense design is a stylish addition to any room that emphasizes natural decor.

Please Note:  Your frame will vary slightly in color or texture from the one pictured here.

11x14 barnwood frame

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