4x6 Rustic Picture Frames, Medium Width 2 inch Homestead Series

$23.95 - $25.95
Ships in 3-4 Business Days

Natural Reclaimed Wood 4x6 Photo Frame

Rustic Picture Frames aren't just for photos of cowboy boots and rodeos.  This great-looking barnwood frame is handcrafted from authentic reclaimed wood and comes ready to hang.

  • Each frame is handcrafted from authentic barn wood
  • 4x6 picture opening. Accommodates any 4x6 inch image
  • 1/4 inch of your image will be covered by the frame rabbet along the outside edge
  • Exterior dimensions approximately 8x10 inches
  • Frame width is 2 inches
  • Glass, backing and sawtooth hanger are included
  • Optional easelback stand is available
  • Made in USA
  • Model: HS4x6MW
  • Category: Homestead 2" Barnwood Frame

These 4x6 inch rustic frames are perfect for all of your digital prints and photographs. A barnwood picture frame looks beautiful with keepsake black and white photos as well as high quality color prints. The gentle lines of the barnwood frame enhance the look of any picture you want to display, making color pop and bringing out the contrast of black and white photos. Each frame is handmade from reclaimed weather distressed wood so colors and textures are unique for each individual frame. With a slight nod to mother nature, your best moments are sure to be well preserved in this 2 inch wide barnwood picture frame handcrafted in the U.S. just for you. This frame has a 4x6 inch photo opening, 2 inch wide frame border, and exterior dimensions measure approximately 8x10 inches total. Each rustic barnwood picture frame comes with glass and hanging hardware to display horizontally or vertically but if you would like to set it on a shelf or desk you must select the “add easelback” option. One of the benefits of a rustic barnwood picture frame is its versatility and simplicity.  Go ahead.  Try to find something more appropriate than a piece of rustic barnwood to frame that fabulous photo of autumn colors in the Rocky Mountains.  A colorful shot of wildflowers in a sagebrush desert will look out-of-place if you frame it with anything but natural materials. You can order this beautiful 2 inch rustic wood frame in any standard size, but we love to produce custom picture frames for artists and photographers. 

Please Note:  Due to the nature of barnwood, your rustic picture frame may vary in color from the one pictured here.