8x12 Western Picture Frame, 3 inch Wide, Butch Cassidy Frame

$44.95 - $57.95
Ships in 3-4 Business Days

Western Picture Frames are a customer favorite here at mybarnwoodframes.com. Our western decor enthusiasts love the look of a great piece of barnwood, and we use only authentic stuff. You can bring the country indoors and surround yourself with a reminder of a way of life that is quickly becoming a lost art. We are committed to helping you preserve a little bit of the Great American West.

  • Frame is crafted from authentic barnwood
  • One 8x12 (12x8) photo or artwork opening
  • Frame width: 3 inches (2 1/2 inch black-stained frame face with a 1/2 inch barnwood border)
  • Includes glass, backing and hanging hardware

Maybe you can’t dismantle the weathered barn and bring it indoors, but you can give prominence to some of that beautiful rustic wood with one of our western picture frames. We stain the inside frame edge black and surround it with a natural wood border. This frame-inside-frame look lends itself especially well to western rustic subject matter.

Here’s the perfect western picture frame for that drawing of the sun setting behind the hay wagon, a photo of your son's first pony, or a painting of a stand of Chaparral. Leave the glass out and create a shadowbox frame for a pair of antique spurs, your grandmother's beaded Native American work gloves, or a few vintage can labels. We offer western picture frames in several widths, and you can even find a few with western embellishments like barbed wire and iron. This is authentic western rustic decor at its best.

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