8x8 Rustic Picture Frames, Medium Width 2 inch Homestead Series

$23.95 - $25.94
Ships in 3-4 Business Days

Rustic Picture Frames that Discount Price but not Quality

Rustic Picture Frames aren't just for photos of cowboy boots and rodeos.  This great-looking barnwood frame is handcrafted from authentic reclaimed wood and comes ready to hang.

  • Each frame is handcrafted from authentic barn wood
  • 8x8 picture opening
  • Frame width is 2 inches
  • Exterior dimensions are approximately 11.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Glass, backing and sawtooth hanger are included
  • Add optional easel stand if shelf display is desired
  • Made in USA
  • Model: HS8x8MW
  • Shipping Weight: 3.5lbs
  • Category: Homestead 2" Barnwood Frame

These 8x8 rustic barn board frames from our Homestead series are made from reclaimed wood and carefully pieced together to give you a unique backwoods look. Every rustic frame is handmade in the United States from reclaimed wood with its own unique colors and textures, giving you the opportunity to see how beautiful distressed wood can be. Each knot contributes to provide a wonderful frame for both modern art and timeless black and white photographs. With an 8x8 inch photo opening, 2 inch wide frame, and external dimensions of 11.5x11.5 inches, these barnwood frames are incredibly versatile and can frame just about anything, bringing your photos to life in ways traditional frames never could.

Please Note:  Due to the nature of barnwood, your rustic picture frame may vary in color from the one pictured here.

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