Bird Houses

Bird Houses, uniquely designed bat houses, dainty butterfly and lady bug houses, and more. We carry a collection of unique wooden birdhouses perfect for outdoor use, and pretty enough for indoor display. While most of us don't typically think in terms of architecture for feathered friends, bird lovers will find this unique collection of wood bird houses, crafted from cypress, mahogany, and rustic reclaimed barnwood. These beautiful, eco-friendly birdhouses make fabulous gifts that last for decades.

The magical designs of these decorative bird houses will take you back in time. Find everything from an asymmetrical design intended to hearken back to the days of Nottingham, to small, troll-like cottages with steep pitched roofs and multi-colored doors. Crafted with natural cypress shingles or copper roofing, you'll find everything from simple and sweet designs to the most outrageous bird mansions on the planet.

Available in dozens of decorator colors - everything from whitewashed to pinion green to mango pink, there is a supply of houses small enough for the tiniest wrens, up to bird houses for larger jays. Solid construction, with easy cleanout and easy mounting options, you'll come back every year for just one more...

And best of all, each of these birdhouses is designed with Mother Earth in mind. Manufactured in the USA, paint and materials are safe for wildlife. These beautiful sanctuaries will help preserve our nation's flocks of migratory songbirds by giving them a safe place to call home. A "green" manufacturing process, including a "wood wise," low carbon system that allows the manufacturer to make use of board-end lumber--pieces too short to use to build homes for people, but perfect for feathered friends. By making use of only short-end 4-6 foot pieces of lumber (which would otherwise be chipped or burned), the manufacturer is able to put this kiln-dried, NHLA inspected and certified lumber to use.

Cypress wood not only has a beautiful grain and interesting color variations, it is also naturally rot and decay-resistant. Cypress trees are unique in that they are naturally regenerating. After a tree is harvested, the stump will generate a new sapling, and saplings can also sprout from roots of adult trees. This means cypress trees are less prone to over-cutting, but Heartwood bird houses are crafted only from cypress that has been harvested according to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines.

The same is true for mahogany bird houses. Wood that has been rejected by the furniture industry due to imperfections in grain or texture, makes beautiful birdhouses. Heartwood purchases salvage stock, which allows them to build the only mahogany birdhouses in the world, without cutting a single tree to do it. In addition, paints are 100% acrylic latex, completely non-toxic, and handcrafted in the USA. We even box shipments in over-runs made from post consumer fiber. Inside, you'll find shipped birdhouses packed in recyclable unprinted newsprint.

And if being eco-friendly isn't enough to convince you, consider the fact that all proceeds from bird house sales on are separated from regular company profits and are donated to help fund our "giving back" charitable contributions, including our company initiative to provide scholarships for single mothers who are working toward college degrees and self-sufficiency, and to the Ryan's Lion Organization, a non-profit charitable organization founded by one of our high-school-aged employees in 2008. This organization donates plush "courage Lions" to newborn and pediatric intensive care units nationwide. Your purchase makes these contributions possible.