Prairie Home Birdhouse

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8" x 11" x 15"
Opening Size:
1 Inch Hole
Product Includes:
Multi-color wood shingles

Birdhouse - Prairie Home 

This beautiful bird house is the perfect addition to any home or garden of your choice. Expect plenty of homesteaders to land at your place in the years ahead with this frontier-inspired house, as cheerful as a morning sunrise in contrasting color schemes. With habitats fast disappearing and 400 different species now endangered, America's precious songbirds face a "hard row to hoe". How much sweeter then, the sights and sounds of new "settlers" in your own backyard. Available in other colors.

  • 8"x11x15"
  • 1-1/2" hole
  • Available in blue and redwood
  • Handcrafted in USA from renewable, FSC certified wood
  • Made available to U.S. residents only