Rock City Birdhouse

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8" x 11" x 17"
Opening Size:
1 Inch Hole
Product Includes:
Rooster Finial

 Birdhouse - Rock City

This beautiful bird house is the perfect addition to any home or garden of your choice. Blue skies, winding country roads, lush green fields that seemed to go on forever. It was a simpler time when "See Rock City" beckoned boldly from old barn roofs. Now you can go back to that time, and see Rock City without ever leaving home. Just peek out your window at these foursquare beauties. In natural, white and redwood, just like old barns, and they're built the same way, to work hard as a shelter and to last for years. See Rock City, and see how much your birds love it. Available in other colors.

  • 8"x11"x17"
  • 1-1/2" hole
  • Available in: redwood
  • Handcrafted in USA from renewable, FSC certified wood
  • Made available to U.S. residents only