Deep Front Box Frame, Rustic Barnwood, 12x12 Opening (19x19 finished)

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Deep Front Box Frame with 12x12 Inch Frame Opening (19x19" finished)

ADeep Box Frame is a beautiful and unique gift, and you can turn it into a truly one-of-a-kind heirloom by adding a treasured memento and a little imagination. Because of the depth of the 1.75 inch deep box opening on this frame, you are not limited to flat artwork, photography and paintings (even though these look great too). This frame gives you a unique and affordable way to showcase your 3-dimensional art pieces, family heirlooms, high school memorabilia, and much more. They also make wonderful gifts. This frame features a 12x12" deep box opening that is surrounded by a 3-inch wide barn wood frame face. The finished exterior dimensions of the entire frame are approximately 19x19 inches. 

  • Accommodates one 12x12" photo or artwork. Viewable opening from the front of the frame is approximately 11.5 x 11.5 inches.
  • Opening is surrounded by a 1.75" deep wood border which creates a deep "box" opening for 3-dimensional display
  • 3" frame face surrounds center shadowbox
  • Finished frame dimensions are approximately 19x19 inches
  • Frame includes cardboard backing and sawtooth hanger
  • Glass is included for pictures. Remove glass for 3-dimensional object. There is no separation between glass and the back of the frame.  The deep box is created from the front raised edge pieces and any 3D pieces would have to be attached to the frame backing to hold in the frame and there would not be a front glass piece.

We've framed a James Christensen painting in our sample, but these unique frames are so versatile, you'll find no end to the possibilities of what you can put inside. Add your high school diploma, your graduation tassel and your sweetheart's class ring. Mount your grandfather's boot spur beside a photo of him in his favorite cowboy hat. If you thought it was fun to shop for rustic deep box frame, just wait and see how much fun you have filling it. 

Please note:  Due to differences in color and texture of reclaimed wood, your frame may vary slightly from the one pictured here. Painting is for display only and is NOT included.


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Daydreamer by cowboy photographer Barry Hart features a puppy just waking up from an afternoon nap surrounded by his cowboy sidekick's gear, including boots, blanket and spurs.

Daydreamer - Framed Cowboy Photograph by Barry Hart


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