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Barnwood Picture Frames

Barnwood picture frames are a unique, yet down-to-earth framing method for the no-nonsense decorator or the interior designer who wants to create a one-of-a kind look. Barnwood picture frames are treasured for their subtle colors and earthy textures. Each of our frames is handcrafted from naturally-aged solid wood planks, and each one is distinctive. Because we depend on Mother Nature to provided all of our building materials, no two frames are ever exactly alike.

Custom Sizes are available. Call 888-653-2276 for a quote.

Homestead Series: Basic Flat Barnwood Frame

Barnwood Frames, Narrow  Width Homestead Series Frame
Homestead Series, Narrow Width, 1.5"

Plain, flat barnwood frame. Our most
economical  option


Myrtle Beach Series

Outer frame is alder wood, stained dark
walnut. Inner inset is natural barnwood.

Homestead Series, Wide Width, 3"

Plain, flat barnwood frame with a wider,
3" wide frame profile.

Barn Wood Frames -  Medium Width 3
Lighthouse Series, Medium Width, 3"

Barnwood with a raised outer border


Barnwood Frames -  Aspen Series Medium Width 2.5
Aspen Series, Medium Width, 3"

Slightly beveled frame - angles up
toward viewer on outside edge

Rustic Frames - Alder with Barnwood Inset and Barbed Wire 
Rustic Frames - Distressed Alder with
Barnwood and Barbed Wire

Light-walnut-stained alder frame with
barnwood inset and barbed wire

Barn Wood Frames -  Narrow Width 2.5
Lighthouse Series, Narrow Width 2"

Rustic Frames - Barnwood With Alder Overlay
Rustic Frames - Barnwood With
Alder Overlay

Western  Frames - Barnwood frame with stained inner border
Butch Cassidy Series Western Frame
3" Frame with black inner frame


Barn Wood  Frames -  Medium Width 3
Western Rustic Series, Medium Width, 3"
frame with inner raised border

Rustic Frames - Barnwood With Alder Overlay and Large Tacks
Rustic Frames - Barnwood with Overlay
and Large Tacks

Barnwood Frame with Edgework
Old Cedar Style


Rustic Frames - Barnwood with
Alder Inset


Rustic Frames - Barnwood with Metal Corner Brackets
Rustic Frames - Barnwood with
Metal Corner Brackets



Barnwood with Corner Blocks
and Barbed Wire

Each of our barnwood picture frames is handcrafted here in the Great American West. We use reclaimed distressed wood, or new wood with distressed wood accents, and add just enough detail to bring your favorite photo, old movie print, or antique food label to life. You can use barnwood picture frames in dozens of decorating applications. They work as beautifully in your sophisticated nautical decor as they do in your cozy country kitchen. Barnwood picture frames also make great gifts. The natural wood tones complement almost any subject matter you want to frame—everything from that wintertime engagement portrait to a photograph of a single autumn leaf floating on a dark pond. Our beautiful rustic frames are available in dozens of standard sizes. Or, we can customize a frame just for you.

There are a lot of barnwood frame retailers out there, but none with as varied and unique a collection to choose from. You'll get quality, fast shipping, and unmatched customer service. We try to offer our frames in a variety of sizes, but if you can't find what you want here, don't hesitate to contact us at 888-OLD-BARN for a quote on a custom size. Many of our larger reclaimed wood frames are available with glass or plexiglas.

For a truly unique photo display, consider mixing and matching different sizes and styles of frames. For example, pair a Park City Series Frame with a Myrtle Beach Frame. Each includes barn wood and dark walnut-stained alder wood, but in different combinations. Hang frames of different sizes from iron curtain rods using textured ribbon. Purchase extra easel backs and place frames on dressers or desks or nestle a few among some greenery on top of a plant shelf or bookcase.

Our barnwood is reclaimed from a variety of sources--much of it is reclaimed fencing material harvested from barns, fences and outbuildings all over the Western United States. We've searched far and wide to find the best manufacturers and bring the whole collection to you so that you can choose your favorite barnwood picture frames without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Due to the nature of natural aged wood, you'll see a lot of variety in the colors and textures of the wood we offer. Every frame is unique.

Basic Barn Wood Picture Frames
Our Homestead Series Frames are our "basic" style, and also among our most popular. Beautiful and economical, these simple, flat wood frames are available in three different widths--narrow, medium and wide. Choose from 24 different sizes.

Sagebrush Series Alder and Barnwood Frames
This unique frame is available only at This frame features a combination of old and new wood. The frame is built of knotty alder with a reclaimed wood inset. We stain this frame a light walnut color.

Lighthouse Series Frames
This classic frame's classic lines make it a customer favorite as well. The raised border around the outside of the frame makes it perfect for nautical decor or country kitchens. Our Butch Cassidy Series uses the same classic lines, but with an ebony-stained frame face. This one is especially beautiful if you include a contrasting mat.

Western Picture Frames
If you're looking for something decidedly Western, there are several styles here that will suit you. We offer several styles of barn wood picture frames that include barbed wire, nailhead tacks, decorative corner blocks, and more.

Unique Rustic Frames
The possibilities for creating frames with aged wood are almost limitless. One thing that we love about these simple, stylish frames is that there are so many ways to make them unique. You can purchase a frame and add your own embellishments to make a truly one-of-a-kind heirloom. Attach a wrought iron detail such as a leaf or an old drawer pull. Run a little bit of hemp rope around the inside or outside edge of your frame. Find unique rusted tin embellishments in a craft store or online. Add a painted applique or fleck your frame with dark paint to make it look splattered. You can even "whitewash" your barnwood picture frame with a little water-thinned latex paint to make it any color you want. Include vinyl lettering on the glass or frame vintage tin signs or old crate labels. This is a frame that doesn't limit your creativity.

What are you waiting for? It's time to order some barnwood picture frames and create the wall decor of your dreams!